South Africa

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In September 2013, 17 students, ten researchers and two professors of the Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy travelled towards South Africa, to become acquainted with the local steel industry. The group visited the most notable steelworks, as well as an iron ore mine, a platinum mine and two universities.

After a 20-hour trip the group reached the initial point of the field trip, Johannesburg. At the airport we were friendly welcomed by our tour guides, Dr. Bernd Strohmeier and his wife Mia. Originally he is a styrian, who studied Metallurgy in Leoben and shifted to South Africa 42 years ago. His knowledge of the South African metals industries was an important input for our whole tour program.
Johannesburg, which has more than 4 million inhabitants, is one of the economical centres of Africa. Founded by gold miners at the end of the 19th century, the mining and metals tradition is still alive. During our sightseeing tour…

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